NBA partners with LawPavilion to offer members a legal research tool

Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) President Mr. Olumide Bakpata announced the Association’s partnership, LawPavilion, with the most renowned LegalTech Company LawPavilion. This partnership will provide a highly efficient tool for legal research known as “Primsol”, to members of the Association.

According to the President of the association, this partnership is a way for the association to improve legal research as well as the overall practice of its members.

Further speaking on the partnership, Mr. Ope Olugasa, LawPavilion Business Solutions Managing Director, described the partnership to be the LegalTech giant’s Biggest Promo.

He explained how beneficiaries would receive a 97% discount on the annual subscription for LawPavilion Primsol. Furthermore, beneficiaries would have easy access to mobile legal research via LawPavilion’s WhatsApp.

He explained that the partnership which provided a 97 per cent discount on LawPavilion Primsol is the company’s way of showing compassion with Africa’s largest bar and the whole legal sector, on the recent chequered disruption – #EndSars/COVID-19 that decimated the legal industry and affected lawyers’ livelihoods.

Olugasa provided some insight into the nature of this partnership. She explained that beneficiaries of this year’s partnership include legal professionals aged one to seven, who paid their fees and dues before March 31, 20,21.

He explained that this group will be entitled to the NBA LawPavilion professional leverage package for free.

He explained that this partnership also includes other eight-year-old post-call legal practitioners, who have all paid their yearly bar practic fees and branch membership dues.

Olugasa said that another category of people can get the coupon for the NBA LawPavilion professional lean package at up 97% off.

He stated that the product portfolio for the partnership was also larger to address all legal research needs of both commercial and litigious legal practitioners.

Olugasa stated, “Aside from law reports, as it is known,” that beneficiaries will have the ability to access analytics and Precedents Forms as well as Agreements Templates with insights notes, Rules of Court and Regulations of Nigerian MDAs, Commercial High Court Cases and Arbitration Rules. Also, they can access mobile legal research via WhatsApp.

He repeated that the firm’s partnership gives them access to the legal sector, which is their way of showing that they are ready to work with the industry in a tech-driven turnaround.

Olugasa appealed all lawyers to use the package for professional leeway, as promoted by the NBA, in order to not be left behind in cutting edge 21st Century legal practice.

He stated that, as the Association strives ensure that all members are up to date with current trends and global development, every practitioner should attempt to capitalize on the opportunity for relevance in the scheme.

Olugasa noted that the coupon is only valid from August 23rd until October 6th, 2021.

To fully take advantage of the partnership, he encouraged those who are eligible to sign up at, or to check their status on the NBA website.

Olugasa responded yes when he was asked if LawPavilion would be open to more partnerships. He explained that LawPavilion is a pioneer in legaltech and technology-driven service delivery in Africa, and has relied heavily on LawPavilion during this period.

He stated that the company has a mandate to digitally transform Africa’s legal industry, starting in Nigeria.

He highlighted LawPavilion’s recent partnership with Lagos State Government for the epublishing of its laws.

Similarly, FCIArb UK Chairman Y.C Maikyau (SAN), Chairman NBA National Welfare Committee Y.C Maikyau (SAN) commended Mr. Akpata (and Mr. Olugasa) for successfully brokering the partnership.

He also expressed his gratitude to the National Welfare Committee members for their efforts and resourcefulness.

The learned silk explained to us how, through the deal, the NBA President demonstrated his commitment for the professional development, welfare and well-being of the Association’s member lawyers, especially young ones.

He congratulated every member of the NBA for using the legal research tool. He encouraged them to use the same to improve their practices.